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Canteen news - September 2021

  • The schedule of the canteen service and therefore the implementation of adapted safety measures, are still being examined by the School management and the APEEE. Parents will be timely informed on any update.
  • Following the Circulars 8212 and 8213 of 17/08/2021 of the Fédération Wallonie - Bruxelles which authorises from now on the service of hot meals in the refectories, we are happy to be able to resume the hot meals service for all levels and all classes
  • A vegetarian option is now available for primary pupils from P3 onwards, and pupils in secondary classes. The vegetarian menu will include the starches and vegetables provided on the daily menu and an alternative to animal protein.

              Please note: the vegetarian menu can only be ordered per full period (not per day!) on MyAPEEE