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Bac 2022 - Interparents communication

Supporting the European School Parents’ Community through the Baccalaureate

Dear Parents of S7 Students, dear Students, The ‘BAC 2022 season’ is now underway and we wish all the candidates great success.

Immense efforts are made each year regarding the quality assurance of the examination papers and to ensure that all goes smoothly. Considering the number of papers and students involved, problems with the exams are rare. Nevertheless, if you like to be prepared ‘just in case’, your school’s Parents’ Association and INTERPARENTS, are ready to help:

Possible actions in the next 2-3 weeks and before the announcement of the results

If your child comes home following an examination with a concern about it, please take time to understand the nature of the problem. Should you conclude that your child encountered a problem, which was possibly due to a mistake in the paper (such as vague wording or incorrect translation) or in how the examination was run, then it could be worth raising your concern with the Chairperson of the Examining Board (Article 13 of Regulations for the European Baccalaureate) and with the Baccalaureate Unit responsible for management of the overall examination.

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