Special cases - Cancellation

Special cases

The garderie pass to the EC child-minding facilities in the afternoon, with no morning bus service, is charged at half the amount of a full pass.

A child with a garderie pass may take the bus back home, on an occasional basis only, and subject to availability of a place on the bus. A ticket from the transport office is required (cost 4€).

A child may register for partial use of the bus service, but the cost of the full pass will be invoiced, by common policy agreed among the Brussels European Schools.

Half passes are only available for use on buses to the garderie in the afternoon.

If parents are living in separate establishments, the child may take two different buses at no extra cost.


Registration for the bus service may be cancelled at any time during the school year. The calculation of the due amount to be refunded, if any, will be made depending on the number of days of service used, up to the day when the change is notified to the transport office.