1. Send payment by bank transfer to account number : BE77-3101-9586-7742 within 10 working days after the email confirmation is sent, giving details of your child’s enrolment code (you will be informed of the code by email when your enrolment is confirmed).

  2. The payment must include payment of any amounts outstanding in respect of previous périscolaire activities for the child concerned or their siblings.

  3. After the deadline of the payment, the enrolment will be cancelled.

  4. In the event of partial payment of the sums referred to in point a), if the payment exceeds the overdue amount referred to in point b) and also covers the cost of one or more courses, the enrolment will be confirmed for the courses which have been paid for. The Periscolaire office has absolute discretion in deciding which courses will be considered as having been paid for.

  5. For courses which start in the second semester, enrolment is also possible from June. For those courses, the full cost of the course must be paid into the Periscolaire account within 10 working days following enrolment.

  6. Individual courses must be paid for in series of 10 x 30 minute sessions (5 hours)

  7. Please provide a valid email address. Confirmation of enrolment and payment details will be sent to the address provided. Your enrolment will only be validated once payment has been received. No application for enrolment will be taken into account if we have not received the completed enrolment form and/or payment within 10 working days after the confirmation has been sent.

Late payment charges:

  1. In the case of late payment or where payment is refused by the bank, access to the activity will be immediately suspended until payment has been received.

  2. In accordance with point 2.d.2, no enrolment will be taken into account if any sums are still outstanding in respect of periscolaire activities in previous years, enrolment will be accepted for any activities for any child for whom monies are owed for activities from previous years

  3. Where payment is seriously overdue, the Parents' Association reserves the right to claim payment of administrative costs of EUR 15 with the first registered letter. If payment is still not received the file will be transferred to a lawyer for collection which will result in additional costs of at least 150 € per child.

  4. In the event of a dispute, only the juge de la Paix d'Ixelles has jurisdiction. In the event that the French language version of this text differs from the English language version, the French language version prevails.