Event: Oli Mould - Against Creativity

Wednesday, 24 October, 2018 - 16:30 to 18:00

Results of the Canteen satisfaction survey 2018

Dear parents, dear students,

Working group for canteen analysed all your replies to the Canteen satisfaction survey launched in June 2018.

We received in total 564 responses which covered approximately 30% of the children enrolled in the canteen.

We would like to thank to all of you for the participation on our survey.

The overall satisfaction rate with the canteen services seems to be positive. We are delighted that certain improvements in the operation of the canteen are appreciated by you (starters for smallest children, introduction of soup, etc.)

Demonstration at the Schuman roundabout on Tuesday 09/10/2018, between 13:00 and 16:00

The police of Brussels-Capital have informed us of a demonstration that will take place at the Schuman roundabout on Tuesday 9 October 2018 between 13:00 and 16:00.

We anticipate possible delays for buses going near by Schuman.

Buses to the different Garderies will leave the school and will try to take the children to the different Garderies.

If they are blocked by the police, the drivers will eventually have to take the children back to school and the parents will be informed as sonn as possible.

Bachelor studies in the UK: ALL you need to know

Wednesday, 24 October, 2018 - 19:00
Higher Education Fair & Information Evening, British School of Brussels, 24 October 2018 at 19.00 - www.britishschool.be, Pater Dupierreuxlaan 1, 3080 Tervuren.

Extracurricular Activities Payment

Dear Parents,

You have received a reminder for amounts that many of you have already paid. Please note that this message was erroneously automatically-generated by the system. In the meantime, those who haven’t paid their due amounts, are kindly requested to proceed with their payments as normal.

You will receive a more precise notification about any still unpaid contributions for services by the end of October.   

A general strike is announced for tomorrow Tuesday 2/10

Dear Parents,

A general strike is announced for tomorrow Tuesday 2/10.


Our school bus service will operate as usual as we work with private companies.

If emergency measures have to be taken in the course of the day (due to inaccessibility of garderies or certain areas) and if certain buses cannot leave the school or have to return to it, parents will be contacted by phone.

Some supervisors  may not be able to come to work due to lack of public transport service.


Canada Universities Event at BSB

Monday, 8 October, 2018 - 19:00 to 21:00

A panel discussion will be followed by a mini fair

One of the topics will be the recent agreement between the French Community of Belgium and Quebec government which allows francophone Belgian students to be exempted from the international tuition fee supplement. More information is here on the McGill website.


Erroneous automated payment emails sent via the enrolment platform

Dear Parents,

During the past 3 weeks our enrolmen system has been sending erroneous atomated emails regarding payments for:

  • Transport service, who's fee is paid by the institution parents have selected while applying for transpport
  • Canteen service where parents have already asked to be paid via a direct debit payment method 

The system bypassed the settings not to send these parents emails and we have taken all necessary measures to resolve the problem.

Kindly note that:

How to contact the APEEE

Dear Parents,

All our previous numbers 02 6294700 - 10 are now used by the School services and any call to us will not reach the right person.

The new communications methods and time will be in place as of December 1st 2017