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Enrolment FAQ

The first step is to create a family account in MyAPEEE. When you join the school community and before the enrolment process of the new school year begin, you will either have your enrolment account automatically created or you will receive an email from the APEEE inviting you to register online. Please follow the instructions in the email to create your account. Your APEEE membership is confirmed once you have paid the annual membership fee.

The invitation email will be sent to the address that you provided to the school when you enrolled your child/children at the school. Please verify the spam mailbox of this account if you do not receive the invitation email. The subject of the email is ‘Join the EEB3 APEEE Parents Association’. If you still do not find it there, please send an email to and request a new invitation email.
In any case and before contacting us, try resetting or requesting a new password by adding your personal or professional email address HERE to see if you have an account on the system

We strongly advise you to avoid using your professional email address as it might spam or block the APEEE emails due to the strict rules and filters often associated with professional email accounts. We suggest that a personal email address will facilitate communications with the APEEE.
If the invitation email is received in your professional email account and you wish to change this please contact:

You are advised to pay the annual membership fee online through your My APEEE account. Alternatively payment by bank transfer may be made. In such a case, please inform the APEEE office of your intention to pay by bank transfer by emailing:

Details on payment methods are available here: Membership and Fees.

Once you log in to the Enrolment platform you might see a notification message in red about the APEEE annual membership fee. This fee should be paid in advance before applying for services for the school year in question. Please verify that you have paid your APEEE Membership Fee. The annual fee is payable per family prior to enrolment for any services.

In case you have already paid your subscription fee but still see this notification, kindly disconnect and reconnect to the system and if you still face the same issue kindly contact us by email at so that we can check it.

If you have not paid your annual fee, then you only have the option to temporarily save your applications. The save/submit option will be activated once the annual APEEE membership fee has been confirmed on the system and you will need to submit any temporarily saved applications so that they can be reviewed by APEEE staff and be accepted or rejected accordingly.

Once your application has been reviewed and processed by the APEEE Office, you will receive a notification email stating if your application has been completely/partially accepted or rejected.

When a payment is due, then you will receive an automated email from the system stating the amount, deadline and payment methods (Through MyAPEEE / or by Direct Debit/domiciliation.

The Canteen service annual fee is paid in 3 installments (1 per term)

The Extracurricular Activities are payable on approval of enrolment to the activity. This is usually before the end of August/beginning of the school year, even if the activity starts in the second semester (beginning of February). All payments must be finalized before the activity starts.

If the Transport costs are covered by the employer through the EU educational allowance, the payments will be made automatically. In all other cases, the service is paid directly by the parents themselves in 3 installments (1 per term).

The Transport services fee is paid directly by the parents for nursery children. For Primary and Secondary students, transport fees are either paid by the parents themselves in 3 installments (1 per trimester) or, if eligible for the EU Educational allowance, by one of the parents' employer. Parents are requested to ensure that when registering for transport services, their payment category is clearly indicated and up to date.

For details on how to make payments on MyAPEEE, please consult the video tutorials page.

In case of any emergency you can contact the APEEE, Canteen, Extracurricular Activities or Transport office within the working hours of each office. If your request is not urgent, then you are kindly requested to contact each office by email in order to allow each office find the best solution for you given their disponibility. Avoid sending more than one email for the same request and, if possible, include in your message your name, your child(ren) name(s) or any id's you might have as they are shown on your MyAPEEE account.
In case of divorced families or families that one of the parents has children with 2 different parents, the parent in question should be in 2 different families and thus have 2 different APEEE subscription in order for the 2 different parents to manage their children enrolments and cost respectively.
eg: Parent(a) has child(a) with a parent(b) but are now divorced and parent(a) is now married to parent(c) and have together another child(b).
Parent(a) is therefore part of 2 different families. Family(1) where parent(a) and parent(b) can manage the enrolment and payments for their child(a) and family 2 where parent(a) and parent(c) can manage the enrolments and payments for their child(b).

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If you are already subscribed and you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, then simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter email you received.

You can manage the settings on whether you wish to receive email or sms notifications from our online enrolment platform by going to your profile page on MyAPEEE. We have a detailed privacy policy page where we have all the necessary information. In case you don't find what you need you can contact us by email at

You didn't found an answer to your question? Please contact us by email at and we will answer you and include any missing relative information on this page.