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Presentation of WG "Well being - Prevention of violence at school / Harassment / Addictions - Drugs"

The WG was established by the Board according to its internal rules and focuses on the following themes:


It focuses on the following issues:

  • Harassment between members of the school community
  • Conflict prevention
  • Use of social networks
  • Mediation
  • Prevention of pupils’ alcohol abuse and drug addiction
  • Well-being at school

This WG aims at working alongside the school so as to set up tools and practices specific to these topics.

Composition and Tasks

In order to listen to the parents of children attending nursery, primary or secondary school, the WG is composed of some ten members from the Board of the APEEE, the Education Councils or class representatives who fairly represent the three school cycles as well as the different language sections. Its composition will be reviewed after the General Assembly of 10 February 2021.

Beyond its regular meetings, it is in contact with the school and may meet with the Directors as well as the educational advisers and psychologists of the school on any subject related to its activities.

In this sense, the WG:
- makes proposals on behalf of the APEEE with the prior agreement of the Board of the APEEE, which is regularly informed of any developments.
- collaborates with the school to develop and implement a policy against harassment within our school
- monitors the implementation and progress of the Kiva program which aims at preventing violence at schools.

From a pragmatic approach:

Whether  you notice that your child is having difficulties at school concerning well-being, violence, harassment, drug or alcohol consumption issues that emanate either from other students or from the educational staff,  do not hesitate to contact the WG  via the contact form on the APEEE website, via our e-mail address or if you prefer by contacting directly one  of the WG’s members. We are also - and above all - here to listen to you and support you in these difficult situations in the full respect of confidentiality in each case while respecting the privacy policy of the APEEE. We will offer to assist you in the formalities to be taken with the school so that your child finds her/his place in our school community.

APEEE intergroup " Prevention of violence at school / Harassment / Addictions – Drugs”

In a broader approach, in March 2018, the APEEE intergroup "Well-being at school - Harassment - Drugs / Addictions" was created. It brings together the four Working Groups working on these topics within the Brussels European schools and aims to collaborate in the exchange of information and experiences.

For the sake of communication, this Intergroup works also to set up a conference program with renowned speakers in their field, who may help us parents to respond to difficulties related to our children’ well-being. at school or at home. You can find information about the organization of these meetings via the APEEE website and Newsletter.